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It is with great pride that I take this opportunity to introduce Community Commons. One of the most difficult decisions facing seniors is where to go when it’s necessary to move out of the family home. They value their independence, and don’t want to feel restricted in any way. Community Commons Assisted Living solves this problem by providing a caring place for seniors.

The suites include wall-to-wall carpeting, air conditioning, window coverings and kitchenettes with refrigerators and microwave ovens. Residents may add their own furnishings, pictures or plants to create a cozy and inviting environment. The single occupancy suite is 350 square feet and the double occupancy suite is 450 square feet. Team members provide weekly housekeeping and laundry service as an included amenity.

Main Gathering AreaAn important feature of life at Community Commons is the availability of help, around the clock. Each resident will be provided with an emergency call button. Fully qualified professionals will be available 24 hours a day. Each team member has his or her own special task to perform and talent to share.  Blended together, the individuals are a comprehensive, competent and dedicated team ready to serve. Team members include a Licensed Practical Nurse available to assist with medication administration at no additional charge. 

Prior to admission, residents will each undergo a thorough physical examination, so the medical staff will have a full understanding of their needs and limitations. If a resident has difficulty remembering to take their medication, for example, or needs help dressing or bathing, a team member can assist. Monthly costs for services are based on the level of assistance needed. Hospitality stays are welcome. We welcome the opportunity to assist adult caregivers needing some personal time for any reason.

Community Commons interdisciplinary approach includes an assessment by a Registered Dietician upon admission and thereafter, to ensure coordination of special dietary recommendations. Three balanced meals are homemade at the Commons and served daily in our dining room. Residents are offered choices for each meal. The breakfast meal offers an open dining period.   


Al Best

Community Commons is a caring community where team members and residents work together for the common purpose of enhancing the quality of life of all individuals affiliated with Community Commons. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team should you have additional questions. We can be reached at (330) 394-3037. We will look forward to meeting you. 

Contact Information:

Community Skilled Health Care Centre
1320 Mahoning Ave. NW
Warren, OH 44483  
Phone: (330) 373-1160

Brandy Manes LPN - Admissions Director

Community Commons Assisted Living

Phone: (330) 394-3037

Ask for Patty Givens, Wellness Director or Susan Lieber, Business Manager

***NEWS FLASH: Community Commons Assisted Living has again been ranked #1 in all of Trumbull County for both the Resident satisfaction by the Ohio Department of Aging!